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Having tried out different professional album companies, I am delighted to have found Folio Albums and to be able to offer these high quality albums to you.

Folio Albums is based in the UK and is dedicated to creating high quality fine art albums. The albums are handmade using beautiful papers, fine leather covers and are printed with outstanding clarity. They are quite unique.

The company is concerned about the impact they have on the environment and they are focused on producing albums that are as environmentally friendly as possible. It's their goal to be the greenest photographic album manufacturer in the UK - if not already.

As well as having a high quality, beautiful product that people will cherish for the rest of their lives, this is also very important to me. I have just received my sample album from Folio and feel they deliver on all the above aspects.

Folio has an online design platform that is really very easy to use from uploading the photos to exporting them for the album creation. What’s also great is that I can also send a link of the design to you (my clients), you are able to view it online and also add comments to indicate any changes you would like.

After the design is complete, it takes about a month to receive the album. It arrives in a box clearly marked “Fragile Handle With Care”. The album is very well protected inside a canvas sleive, that is placed inside a Folio box.


There are two different albums to choose from, the ‘Matted Album’ and the ‘Fine Art Book’. The ‘Matted Album’ is available in three different sizes 12x12”, 10x10” and 8x8”. Each page measures 2.8mm thick and your prints are mounted underneath beveled matts to individually frame each image.

The pages are beautifully bound to the tactile cover, which is finished in jade contemporary leather (in the case of my sample album). Your names (and also the date of your wedding) can be embossed or engraved on the front cover and my logo is placed on the back.

The Matted Album

There is a huge range of choices for covers, different types of leathers, in the vintage and contempory range, as well as different types and colours of fabrics and silk.

You can also choose from Art White, Art Cotton and Gallery Pearl paper to showcase your images.

The ‘Fine Art Book’ has pages that measures 0.5mm thick made using the finest quality papers and ink. Each double page opens flat with an almost invisible crease allowing unrestricted layout designs to showcase your images.

Just like the ‘Matted Album’, you can choose from different sizes, paper type and cover materials.

Also available are 6x6” Duplicates, which are direct copies of the larger albums. They are a perfect gift for you parents or even your family and friends.

Cover Materials: Leather, Fabric and Silk

Folio also offer beautiful 'Fine Art Prints', these are available in a range of standard sizes, from 6x4" to 18x12". These prints are available in a choice of Art White, Art Cotton and Gallery Pearl papers.

Included in every package, I am happy to include a 'Fine Art Print Pack'. This includes 6 of the best images from your wedding that are printed on 'Fine Art Paper' and mounted on white card ready for framing. 

The Fine Art Print Pack

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