Frequently Asked Questions


How do we book our date?

Please contact me by email: or give me a call on +33 (0)6 38 35 71 43 to check if I am available on your date. It's always a pleasure to get to know new couples. We can talk on the phone, meet for a coffee (in Paris) or simply have a chat via Skype!

Will we sign a contract?

Absolutely, once you decide to book me, you will receive a personalised contract. 

Should we pay a deposit?

I ask for €350 deposit regardless of the package chosen. Once the deposit and contract have been signed your date is secured!

How do I pay you?

I accept only bank transfer, they are simple, fast and secure.

I'm getting married in Thailand, the south of France or the North Pole, can you make it?

Of course, I love to travel! No travel fee is added on for weddings close to Paris or Galway. For anywhere else I keep all travel & accommodation expenses to a minimum, I only ask for the cost of my train tickets and two nights accommodation. For any wedding outside France or Ireland, the travel fee is the cost of my flights and three nights accommodation.

Can I have a discount?

All my prices are fixed. However I do run promotions on facebook so make sure to like my page for free giveaways! You could be the next winner!!


Can I get every image from my wedding?

I do my own editing, a process that takes time to make sure that I have selected the very best images. Images you won’t receive are duplicates, ones where someone’s eyes are closed, or for some other reason the image is not usable. Rest assured, I will not hold back any good images from you. 

How many images will I receive?

With the Silver, Gold or Diamond Package, you will receive about 800+ images and with the Bronze package about 400. There will be mix of colour and black and white photos. All images are delivered in high resolution JPEG format, are individually retouched, have no watermarks and are ready for print. The unprocessed images (RAW files) stay with me.

How will I get my images?

You will be able to download all your images directly on your private password- protected gallery on my client page. You will receive a password to access the gallery and view the photos which you can share with your family and friends. I will also give you a second password which will allow you to download all your images in one go.

How long do we need to wait to see our images?
Around 4 weeks after your wedding your photographs will be uploaded to your own private client gallery. A few days beforehand you will receive a private Vimeo link to a slideshow with music of the best photos from your wedding, you will also be able to share this link with friends and family.

Who owns the copyright of the images?
I do, since I make the images. I cannot sell you the copyright but you will have the images in full resolution without watermarks and the ability to print and share your images as much as you like. I only ask that if you share them online, on social media for example, you give me credit for taking the photo by mentioning my name.

Equipment and Insurance

What equipment do you use and do you have back-up equipment?

I use professional full frame DSLR bodies along with a range of professional lenses by Nikon. I have three main camera bodies, many lenses, lots of spare batteries, memory cards, a tripod and many various accessories to ensure that I can keep shooting no matter what happens!

What if one of your memory card becomes corrupted?

This has never happened to me so far but since each of my camera bodies have double card slots, your images get backed up the instant a photo is taken. This greatly reduces the risk of losing images.

Are you insured?
Yes, I have public liability and equipment insurance.

Do you work with an assistant or have a second shooter?

I generally work on my own, but a second shooter can be added for very large weddings.

Before and after the wedding

Can you help us with the timeline of the wedding day?

Yes of course! I always meet my couple sometime before the wedding to help with the timeline of the day, especially for couple and group photo times, locations and preparation of the bride and groom. 

Do you do engagement or post-wedding shoots?

Yes, I include a pre-wedding shoot in the Silver and Gold packages I offer.

This session takes place sometime before the wedding day and lasts about 1 hour in a location of your choice. It is great for getting used to being photographed and being natural on D-day. Afterwards we will have a drink to discuss the wedding day timetable.

I'm already married, never had an engagement shoot, can I book one?

Yes of course!! Engagement shoots are really just couple shoots in special locations and whether you are already married or not, they are great fun! 

Where will the engagement shoot take place?

For an engagement shoot you can propose a locations and if not I have always some ideas. We could shoot at the beach at sunrise, in a forest or at a lake, or even underwater in a pool or in the sea! The possibilities are endless!! :) 

During the wedding

How long will you stay at our wedding?

That depends on the coverage you choose. For the Silver, Gold & Diamond packages, I  start making photos when you’re getting ready and stay until one hour after the first dance, around 15hours. The Bronze package is a shorter coverage for weddings around Paris or weekdays that includes the ceremony, group and couple photos and the cocktail, this coverage lasts around 4-5 hours.

Do we need to provide a meal during the reception for you?

If you book me for a full day, I will certainly be hungry around lunchtime and yes please, I would love a nice meal sometime during the evening! ☺

Do you need accommodation?

If your wedding takes place abroad or far outside of Paris, I usually charge an extra fee for accommodation. Some couples prefer to organise a room for me in which case I won’t charge anything extra. I ask for two nights so I can arrive the day before. The evening of the wedding, I usually finish up around 1am and am fit for bed by then!

How will you dress at our wedding?

I move around a lot during the wedding and need to be wearing comfortable clothes; I always dress in a professional manner. Usually a shirt, bow tie, and comfortable slacks. 

If you plan to marry underwater or on top of a mountain I might dress differently! ☺ Please let me know if you plan a special dress code.

What if it rains on my wedding day?

No problem. Rain, hail or snow I will be prepared and we will find a way to get great photos using whatever nature throws at us on the big day! 

Can we have photos taken during sunset or blue hour at our wedding day?

I use an application so that I know exactly when sunset and the blue hour occurs. So rest assured, we will make some nice photos if the opportunity arrises! 

Are there any extra costs?

The only extras I charge are add-ons such as a second photographer or travel expenses. You will be informed about these before we finalise the contract.

Albums and Prints

Do you do wedding albums?

Of course, I use a company called Matisseo Pro who make beautiful wedding albums for professional photographers. Just send me an email and I will send you the album prices.

When do I have to decide to get an album?

You can decide to get an album at any time, even after the wedding. However I recommend organising an album early on to get good value for money. All packages (except the Bronze one) include a album.

Can I see album samples?

I have a sample of the Vercours album and of the Chartreuse album you may see as well as samples of different papers and cover materials.

Do I have an input into making the album?

I will choose the images and design the album with an online album designer. You will then receive a PDF to validate the design. You may then ask for photo changes or design changes if needed.

Can we order prints through you?

Yes. I work with professional photo printing labs so you, your family and friends can easily order prints directly from your own private online gallery on my website. Of course, you can also take care of your own printing if you wish but I recommend getting high quality prints to best showcase your photos.

France +33 (0)6 38 35 71 43


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