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Ever since I left for my travels, in 2003 and discovered the underwater realm, I have developed a passion for diving and underwater photography. I am a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, have done over 1500 dives and although I have dived in some of the world's top diving destination I still have many amazing places to discover! :) 

I started using a disposable film camera which came in a plastic housing that I managed to reuse a few times. I upgraded to a Fuji F11 (a 6 megapixel camera) and later to a Canon S100 in a high quality aluminium housing.

I now use a Sony A6300, which is the smallest  APSC sized sensor camera available on the market today which along with a Nauticam underwater housing, allows me to use different high quality lenses underwater. I use this set up with two Inon S2000 underwater strobes.

This system produces the highest quality RAW images in a very compact setup which is perfect for traveling. 

Underwater photography sessions are becoming very popular and are great fun. They can be organized in swimming pools, lakes or in the sea.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have regarding underwater photography sessions! :)

Sony A6300 and Nauticam Housing

Setting Up Timelapse

Diving Marseille

Underwater in Austrian Lakes

Underwater Yoga with Irina

Rappers and Skeletons

Free Diving with Apnéa Café

Underwater Projects

Weddings Underwater





New Zealand

Malaysia Borneo


Underwater Video

Trailer for Pretaplonger.com

PADI Open Water Diver for Pretaplonger.com

Wreck diving around Malta and Gozo in August 2012.

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